brigada_civica_logoCojocna Civic Brigade is a young citizens’ initiative group, Roma, Hungarian and Romanian, from Cojocna community (Cluj County), established in September 2014. The brigade members were trained in advocacy techniques, civic engagement, human rights and citizen journalism and they will develop at least 10 initiatives directed at improving the lives of people in Cojocna. In 2015, they will maintain a web portal of best practices in inclusion and multiculturalism –, will be present at the council’s public meetings, will develop an active partnership with local public institutions in generating transparency of their work, will go on study visits to other communities and organize, together with the project team, Cojocna Multicultural Day. The event will also involve 500 community members, including 60 children and adolescents.
Civic Brigade Cojocna is a project designed as a local civic initiative, that ActiveWatch, RomanoButiq and the local council Cojocna aim to develop the local civic spirit and to promote democratic values, particularly in the multicultural, ethnic rural community Cojocna (Cluj County), through the actions mentioned above. The project also involves 30 other people in the community who will be trained in entrepreneurship, and some of them will be advised to start a business.